Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pete Huttlinger CD Release Party

Many of you met Pete Huttlinger at the NaboursAndFriends event on the Caney.

He donated his time and talents to be one of our entertainers at the kick off Friday evening. He also gave everyone in attendance that night a copy of his "Catch And Release" cd. It's still in my cd player.

Pete is an avid fly fisherman, monster guitarist (and in my mind, that's the biggest, bestest thing I can say about someone's ability/skill/artistry) and all around great guy.

I just got an email about this last night or I would have posted it earlier. Hope you can make it. No cover charge by the way!! I'm in Montana right now or I'd be there for

Check This Out!
This Thursday
April 30
3rd & Lindsley
Nashville, TN
Album Release Party

Pete Huttlinger Fingerpicking Wonder-The Music Of Stevie Wonder


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